Cisco Security & Trust Organization | Defining and Rolling Out a Unified Vision


Create alignment amongst the 9 functional groups around a single story

Define engagement and best practices for social go-to-market plan

Boost internal and external awareness of S&TO and what it does

Form the foundation of education and training materials

Change and broaden the culture’s mindset around cybersecurity

Establish a thought leadership platform for Cisco and its executive team


Competitive analysis to identify a strong, ownable market position and distinctive brand voice

Create a branding and nomenclature system to family together all the disparate groups

Develop unified messaging for use across the entire spectrum of S&TO functions

Roll-out the first suite of S&TO assets that clearly define the S&TO POV, scope, functions, and capabilities for internal and external audiences


Strong group alignment that supports sales initiatives and enables Cisco to emerge as thought leaders in the cybersecurity space

Unified, thought-provoking story that distinguishes Cisco S&TO in the market