SHI + VMware | Partner Marketing Program


Develop an engaging, multi-dimensional partner marketing program for the VMware/SHI partnership

Refine the buyer’s journey and uncover gaps through stakeholder interviews and a comprehensive content audit

Drive awareness and meaningful conversations between and among partners’ sales teams, existing customers, and new prospects

Improve alignment among partner stakeholders both inter-organizationally (Marketing + Sales) and intra-organizationally (SHI + VMware)


Create an experiential microsite as the program hub/destination that marries the idea of innovation at work in the partnership to the physical work of a construction site and tie this concept to the partnership’s value proposition

Populate the hub with curated, redesigned assets that support the concept, provide a consistent user experience, and track to the buyer’s journey

Drive traffic to the hub via paid and social media channels

Create a marketing nurture path for internal audiences to socialize the campaign, raise awareness of partner capabilities, and foster alignment around messaging