Chronosphere | KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2022


Raise awareness of Chronosphere’s presence at this key industry trade show

Drive prospective customer meetings with sales team

Promote private party and in-booth gaming to boost engagement with the brand


Developed engaging, brand-compliant look and feel for booth, uniforms, swag, and all promotional material

Designed and executed event-centric campaign with pre/during landing pages, key CTAs, meeting signups, private party, custom video game, and company keynotes

Developed an attendee engagement strategy with show-week giveaways, breakout events, gifts on show floor, and Grand Prize giveaway


Mahalo’s work established Chronosphere’s event presence on a larger stage than ever and will be brought forward to subsequent events.

The look and feel designed for the event will be incorporated into Chronosphere’s overall branding and web presence