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“Ugly Bags of Mostly Water”

By December 2, 2020December 16th, 2021Uncategorized

That’s what humans are. At least, according to a tiny, beautiful, ethereal, light-infused life form featured in a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode. The crew innocently tried to destroy it, prompting it to insult our very make-up and try to obliterate everyone. Spoiler alert: They survive.

The “ugly” part notwithstanding, each of us is 70%+ water. Astounding, isn’t it? Sometimes we forget what it means to be human on even the most basic level. Marketers can be guilty of this when trying to connect to audiences. So silence your communicator and dig into this short list of truisims we at Mahalo try to keep top of mind in our day-to-day, so that we might stay human.