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Toys. Tinsels. Tirades.

By December 21, 2023Uncategorized
The word toys with an image of an elf
We can hardly believe we’ve arrived at another holiday season. Working through our many and varied December traditions, we’re remembering how important humor is.  And we’ve realized it’s been awhile since we tasked one of our exceptional creatives to share the gift of his firmly held opinions. He has to get them out of his system to make room for coffee and pumpkin pie. So move aside Frosty and Rudolph. Mike’s here and he’s bringing tidings of great annoyance.
This time, it’s part two of a past rant about taglines that use nouns as verbs. This shameful practice has really snowballed (see what I did there?), so I’m simply going to list all the new offenses I’ve seen or heard since last time and let you marvel at the insipidness. I feel sorry for all of these writers, whoever they are, because they are most certainly on the naughty list.
a listing of various phrases from marketing campaigns
a listing of various phrases from marketing campaigns
Mind-numbing, is it not? So remember – a tagline that simply turns your brand or product into a verb is not different or memorable or cute. And it’s definitely not smart.
With that, I will now take off my Grinch cap and, on behalf or everyone here at Mahalo Digital, wish you a great holiday season. Because as everyone knows, that’s how you e-newsletter.