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Mahalo Digital: Manifestation Machine

By December 18, 2017December 20th, 2017Uncategorized

Mahalo Digital is a creative agency whose purpose is to create compelling content. To us, creativity and manifestation go hand in hand, and as such, manifestation is part of our everyday business. Creative manifestation is the form of manifestation in which creative people bring a new project to life. The ultimate goal of creative manifestation is to bring something innovative into the world, something that serves a higher purpose, and ultimately, leaves a positive mark.

This is the goal of Mahalo Digital in all the work that we do.

At Mahalo Digital we consider ourselves manifestation machines. In order to bring projects to fruition, as we say, from cocktail napkin to campaign, we follow a creative process: First we listen to our client’s intention. We take the client’s idea and we visualize it coming to life. Next, we talk about it. We gather internally with our team of creatives, developers and producers to discuss the evolution from idea to reality. Then we put pen to paper and turn that vision into a physical representation of the design, and finally, a plan for execution.

This creative process is essentially the same one you’d follow whether you’re creating a marketing campaign, or manifesting the life you want. And the process applies to both tangible and intangible goals: Whether your goal is to become a business owner, to live abroad, to be a homeowner, or to form a healthy habit or live a gratitude-based life.

The paradox is, as a society we think that what holds us back from achieving is thinking we need to know exactly how to get to that reality we desire. But in fact, the key to manifestation is to focus on the possibility, even if you don’t know how to get there.

Female snowboarder Amy Purdy contracted bacterial meningitis at age 19 and lost both her legs below the knee. She was interviewed in Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday podcast and told Oprah outright how she knew she would snowboard again one day. She started by asking herself, ‘If my life was a book and I was the author, how would I want this story to go?’” At that point she set her intention: “I want to see myself walking again gracefully.”

Her next step was to visualize her outcome. Purdy said, “I saw myself snowboarding again, I visualized it so strongly in that moment that I didn’t just see myself carving down a mountain of powder. I could feel it.”  She felt the wind in her face, her heart beating, and her muscles twitching.  She said, “I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but I knew I was going to do it.”

Not only did Amy walk again, but she won a bronze medal for snowboarding in the 2014 Winter Paralympics.

As is clear from Amy’s story, manifestation requires a belief and a clarity that one’s dream will become a reality. “Now I try to live my life with that knowingness that if you can see it and you can feel it and you believe it then it’s completely possible,” Purdy said. This knowingness can only come from one place: deep in the subconscious. In order to manifest we must get past the fear, uncertainty and criticism of the mind, and tap into the innate, core energy that has existed within us for millennia.

Personal development guru Tony Robbins says, “every day work harder on yourself than anything else.” By this he means that we must work at making sure the core of who we are is reflecting the life and the outcome we want. From there, manifestation will come from the innate energy of one’s fight or flight response, the same physiological effect that regulates all automatic human responses.

At Mahalo Digital we are focused on the energy we put into our work and the outcome we desire for our clients. Founder Rick Barsotti says, if our input is noble, positive, and full of gratitude, then by the law of cause and effect the output can only be good. Our goal is to focus on these positive inputs, so that the outcome is work we are proud of and that is consistently worthy of our team, our partners, and our clients.

Mahalo is committed to moving mountains, both in our work and in creating the abundant lives we want for ourselves. Please contact us today and we’ll manifest something together, no matter what your vision!