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We Know How to Treat Single Quotes

By November 5, 2017November 7th, 2017Uncategorized

Hi. I’m single and ready to pair up with a like-minded individual who prefers not to be alone. I can be independent, but I’m tired of people always leaving me on my own when what I really need is a partner by my side. Everyone tells me I do fine in every situation all by myself, but that’s not really true. When I’m not paired up, it makes me feel like people don’t really know me. Like they never learned how to deal with me. I know in my heart that I was always meant to be part of a team. Some people expect me to start things because I can be open, and some expect me to get in the last word because I can be closed at times. But most everyone agrees that I’m good at dialog. Can you be that special someone who understands how I should be treated? Two is definitely better than one in almost any situation, so if you think we might be a good fit let’s get together and hang out. Who knows where the conversation might lead?