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How We Describe What We Do

By March 26, 2020March 27th, 2020Uncategorized

Doctors treat patients. Accountants crunch numbers. Sword swallowers swallow swords. In most fields, the tasks people perform are pretty obvious. But in a digital agency, it isn’t so cut and dry. When people ask “What do you do?” our initial response is “How long you got?”

Sure, there are the customary services you’d expect any self-respecting digital agency to offer [see tag cloud, above]. But it goes deeper than that. None of those exists in a vacuum. You can’t just “do a video” and expect it to be effective without understanding the brand, any existing campaigns, where it’ll be posted, or how it’s being promoted, to name just a few key details. That means diving into brand strategy, message houses, competitive analyses, lead-gen, and marketing plans. To ignore those bigger-picture aspects would be like trying to swim in the chlorine-free end of the pool.

We partner with clients on all aspects of communication, so when asked “What do you do?” we like to say that we “help clients communicate about themselves.” It’s a nice springboard for us to deliver whatever’s in that tag cloud –– and more. And we’re happy to report that after decades of trying to explain what we do to our moms, who wanted us to go to medical school, they’re starting to get it.