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This Doesn’t Stay in Vegas

By May 8, 2014September 14th, 2017Uncategorized
Container Park Las Vegas

First, thanks to my friend, Kacy, for making me aware of Downtown Container Park in Las Vegas.  It’s one of those places you have to experience … or at least see here to get.  Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh, has introduced something authentic to Sin City and worth seeing.  Where else can you be welcomed by a giant praying mantis that spews flames out its antennae that light up the night like the Fourth of July?  Or, watch children crawl all over a tube infested treehouse from the vantage point of a three-story “building” made of refurbished containers?  Or have a tasty meal whipped up from inside one of these containers at a place like Bin 72.  Or, watch Zumba or some live entertainment on center stage … outdoors.  Yes there is fresh air in Vegas!  Container Park is a real oasis in Las Vegas and a breath of fresh air.  Mahalo Tony Hseih for the idea and your investment!