Ask Your Agency if XR is Right for You

By May 10, 2019 May 23rd, 2019 Uncategorized

Recently we shared some innovative ways organizations of all stripes are using Extended Reality (XR) to achieve specific goals. This umbrella term encompasses 360 Video, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR). They all sound cool, but implementing this “Well-would-you-look-at-that!” technology for the sole reason of doing it isn’t good enough. As with any marketing effort, you must first define what you’re out to accomplish, then evaluate if XR is the right path to get there. Even Dorothy knew where she was going before she set out.

Here are some specific things XR can help you achieve. Start your initiative with one of these goals in mind, and you’ll be starting from the right place.

Motivate your audience to take action

Whether it’s a quick AR animation or a fully immersive VR experience, the engaging way XR brings your message to life motivates audiences to act in ways other media don’t. It’s new. It’s visually fascinating. It has that ever-elusive “Wow factor” everyone’s always after. So people remember an XR experience more readily. And as we all know, mindshare is a beautiful thing.

Tell a story you couldn’t tell before

Present your audience with a different POV and you’ll garner attention. XR can give voice to inanimate objects, fictional characters, historical figures, or any other relevant entity that suits your purpose and your brand. Imagine if instead of talking about data and what to do with it, you let the data speak for itself. Check out how wine label 19 Crimes brought their labels to life with AR, giving voice to actual, long-dead criminals and strengthening the brand in the process.

Differentiate yourself in the market

XR is a prime way to stand out from the competition because only the most forward-thinking brands are doing it. And those who are don’t always do it well. Or correctly. A well-executed XR campaign can vault you above the fray. It also gives your brand a cool factor by associating you with cutting-edge technology. That’s something any brand would welcome.

Help your audience make a decision

XR is a first-person experience…a “You are there” approach that gives people a way to interact with your product, service, or brand they ordinarily wouldn’t have. So when it’s decision time, they’re more comfortable saying Yes because they already have a degree of familiarity and comfort. They know more what to expect. Ikea does this with their furniture. Sherwin-Williams does it with paint color. Car makers do it with their autos.