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Give the People What They Want

By November 3, 2023March 20th, 2024Uncategorized

If you follow B2B marketing, you’ve likely heard the stat: buyers do at least 70% of their research before they contact sales. And they’re pretty specific about what they want to see. Check out some tactics that TrustRadius says are among the top three most influential resources for technology buyers.

Free Trial or Account

If I’m a buyer doing my own research, I want firsthand experience with your product before I buy it. Remember, I’m spending a lot of money, and budgets are tight.

Product Demo

You can tell me what you do…but it’s MUCH more effective if you show me. Walk me through it, or show me a video that speaks to my use case so that I know that your product will work for me.

User Reviews

I want to know what others think of your product, and I’ll probably trust them before I trust some of your own claims (unless you can back them up).

Free trials. Easy-to-navigate demos. Reviews and case studies that prove that others have had a great experience with your product. Incorporate these into your marketing program, and you’ll find that the customers who do connect with sales are closer to a decision!