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By February 12, 2018February 20th, 2018Uncategorized

You know how some people say “like” whenever it’s, like, too hard to articulate a complete, coherent thought? It’s, like, annoying. And it, like, dilutes the original meaning of a perfectly fine word.

The hashtag is meeting a similar fate. On social media, it became a way to organize content around a theme or subject, making it easy to contribute to a conversation and find what you’re looking for. But now the poor hashtag’s intended use is being obscured by people who are abusing it. Don’t be one of them. Here are some hashtag offenses to, like, avoid:

• Don’t use hashtags if putting a string words together into an intelligible sentence seems like too much effort. #GrammarlsHardAndlLearnedltALongTimeAgo

• Don’t use hashtags as a shorthanded way to share your emotions. Adjectives have worked effectively for centuries. And, if you’re really at a loss for words, there are plenty of emojis to fill the void. #TellMeHowYouReallyFeel

• Don’t use the spoken hashtag, like that guy who says “hashtag fail.” #Loser

• Don’t use hashtags to express irony or sarcasm. #Lazy