GitLab Brand Exploration


Thoughtfully “break” the rules established during the recent GitLab brand expansion and redefinition to explore areas in which we might enhance GitLab’s existing guidelines, more clearly differentiate between current assets, further refine and “humanize” the client experience, and generate more excitement.

Produce a flexible, intuitive toolkit of assets that builds upon this solid foundation, advances the brand even further, and improves alignment among partner stakeholders across Sales and Marketing.

Drive outcomes as measured in site visits, assets downloads, video views, campaigns impressions, clicks, click-through rates, form fills, and more.


Create a mood board that presents thoughtful, deliberate explorations around use of color and gradients, photography and iconography, isometric elements for GitLab AI applications, and layout and legibility considerations across product sheets, ebooks, presentations, event collateral, microsite and landing pages, and more.

Provide the Sales and Marketing team with an out-of-the-box design system and visual and textual taxonomy that enables them to quickly differentiate amongst assets as they are self-servicing.

Offer best-practices guidelines and present narrative alternatives designed to simplify messaging, draw the reader in, reduce cognitive load, increase legibility, humanize the brand, and further differentiate GitLab from its competitors.